Business & Civil Law Group

Perez Gonzalez Business and Civil Law Group provides comprehensive legal services to individuals, large corporations, small businesses and unincorporated associations, among others. The Firm has developed the expertise necessary to effectively represent its clients before governmental agencies, in the corporate boardroom and in the traditional forum - the courtroom. The Firm serves his clients in a professional manner, through innovative and traditional means.

Areas of counsel and representation include:

Business Law/Transactions & Litigation

The Firm handles legal matters in all aspects of a commercial and transactional nature. The Firm offers experience to address a broad spectrum of litigated matters. Skilled in most categories of business law/transactions, the Firm represents clients in cases involving contract, debt collections and credit claims, matters involving computer law, and actions involving equitable relief, such as temporary restraining orders, injunctions, and receivers. The Firm drafts and negotiates business agreements.

Civil Law/Litigation

The Firm provides comprehensive litigation services to individuals, corporations, small businesses and unincorporated associations, among others. Although the Firm is committed to providing creative and cost-effective solutions to problems through careful advance counseling and negotiations, there are some instances where litigation becomes a viable alternative. When appropriate, the Firm counsels, represents and defends its clients with aggressive, competent advocacy in federal and state courts and before administrative agencies, as well as in selected criminal matters.

Corporate Law & Transactions

The Firm assists owners and managers create the ideal business entity. The Firm provides legal services to business organizations in virtually all aspects of commerce. The variety of services provided to clients includes corporate formation and structuring (limited liability companies, s-corporations, joint ventures), corporate finance, and acquisitions and divestitures (stock sales, asset sales, mergers). In addition to traditional areas of corporate practice, the Firm offers particularized counseling to entrepreneurs and start-up Firms involved in new businesses. The Firm can help corporations deal with employer-employee and employee-employee relations in a manner that will promote business efficiency.

The Firms members have been engaged to serve as special counsel to corporate boards of directors and to independent committees of corporate boards of directors. Clients range from startup ventures and privately held enterprises to international corporations.

Cyberspace Law/Intellectual Property

Consistent with the creation of growth/technology practice groups and the world, the Firm has developed his skills from numerous disciplines to mold into specialized practitioners. The Firm is committed to meeting client needs involving the complexities of cyberspace. The Firm is engaged to procure and protect intellectual property rights for clients involved in the Internet/World Wide Web. The Firm handles litigation involving the protection of trademark and copyright rights.

Individual Rights

The Firm represents seriously injured persons and the estates of injury victims in cases involving negligence in the use of motor vehicles, improper premises maintenance, defectively designed and manufactured products, medical and dental malpractice, and deviation from accepted standards of practice in other professions. Since such cases are usually undertaken on a contingent fee basis, the Firm carefully reviews prospective matters before agreeing to provide representation. Clients may expect that their claim will be prepared for trial with professional diligence and with the goal of maximizing client recovery.

Labor & Employment Law

The Firm represents clients and defends employers in litigation for wrongful discharge, breach of employment contracts, restrictive covenants and trade secrets, alleged discrimination and retaliation. The Firm regularly counsels clients in making employment-related decisions so as to avoid or reduce the risks of litigation. The Firm is familiar with the utilization of innovative Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes to resolve employment disputes in an expeditious and cost-effective manner. The Firm also is experienced in conducting internal investigations in response to various complaints or potential claims in the workplace.

Sports Management

The Firm has recently expanded its association with the sports community that has resulted in the marketing and management of athletes and coaches. The Firm also provides support for popular events and respected foundations for these clients. The Firm provides marketing strategies, community alliances, sponsor/endorsement, negotiations, public/media relations support and career planning consulting.